Sanctuary of Truth

        Wooden architecture of the building is similar to the architecture of Ayutthaya era, approximately 400 years ago. Embellished with solely wood carving, without any cement or metal at all. There is also a dolphin show to entertain visitors twice a day.

          The Sanctuary of Truth is a gigantic wooden construction which covers the area of more than two rais. The top point of the building is about 105 meters high. This work indicates that humans are only dust in the universe and will ultimately become one with it. Physical beings deteriorate, ravaged by the time, But truth and goodness are immortal. Materialistic pleasure is a superficial physical and external joy. True happiness is found in intrinsic spiritual pleasure. Ideals make human life more meaningful, Determination to go to the ideal world is something desired by all men.

           Every belief, every religion and every philosophy leads there by difference paths. To ponder the great questions of heaven and earth and yet live for humanly, to study and teach the sublime knowledge of scholar of the past, and to create eternal peace for all mankind, this is the true goal and the knowledge great men strive to achieve.


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