Pattaya Popular Tour




NongNooch Garden

   Visitors can find different kinds of trees and
flowers so it could be a great place to enjoy
natural attraction. Thai cultural and traditional
shows. They can also enjoy elephant shows and
take some photo with tigers, birds, butterflies
and so on...



The million years stone park & pattaya
crocodile farm 

   Its landscape has been designed to attract
tourists with bonsai type trees, fossilized
trees, colorful flowers, stones, water and so on.
With natural atmosphere, crocodile shows
and different animals are presented. It could
be seen as a good...



Floating Market

   Pattaya Floating Market has been a major
attraction in Pattaya that visitors would like to
visit. Activities, traditional shows, and a variety
of items available there would be a key reason
to attract visitors. Bus service has also




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