Work Permit


Documents for filing an application for a work permit (Work permit) are as follows.

   1. Application for ตม. 1 and photo size 3x4 cm (1 inch) 3 image (taken within the last 6 months are not a computer/ Polaroid).

   2. Letter to the Governor. Clarification needed to hire foreign workers. Failure of the BOI or form a letter to the governor.
       Reason for the failure to file permissions BOI or form. A copy of the certificate.

   3. Certificate of employment or contract.

   4. Copy of transcript and proof of a job.

   5. Medical Certificate

   6. Copy of passport or resident alien registration certificate and original.

   7. Copies of licenses in accordance with the practice of law require a licensed professional.

   8. Authorization from the employer (if the employer is an alien. A copy Permits) 10 Baht stamp duty and copy of the proxy.


Documents for consideration by the type of company/employer

1. The establishment of private

   1. A copy of the certificate of registration juristic Thailand. And a copy of the list of shareholders (not more than 6 months) or
      foreign entity shall submit a copy of the business license issued under the Foreign Business Act of aliens.
      Fri. 2542 and bring the money from abroad to spend in the country.

   2. Copy of Tax (VAT 01 and VAT 20) specified category of ภ.พ. 09 if there is a change.

   3. In case the employer is an alien a copy of the employer's work permit. If an employer who is not working in Thailand.
       And no work permit to a Notary Public and the Embassy of Thailand endorsed, authorized the Board or any person acting on
       behalf of.

   4. If the employer operates licensed under other laws. Or require a permit to operate from the agency. Of state such a permit to
       operate a factory, hotel operation permits, licenses and Food and Drug Administration, a licensed tour operators,
       licensed premises. Food market, etc.

   5. Alien roster the number of work permits In the Workplace Charts and maps the location of the establishment.

   6. Proof of Social Security payments last month and a copy of a current income. Including financial statements and ภงด. 50 or
       ภงด. 51 (last year) and ภพ. 30.

   7. Photos establishments 4 picture front label company's first building itself within 2 images (photos factory 2), if any.


2. Schools / Private University

   1. Copies of the appointment of a teacher or instructor. (The act of teaching) duty. The Contract / private universities to show a
      certificate of departments of the Ministry of Education. By anonymous strangers Position and length of employment

   2. license Profession (Under the Council of Teachers and Educational Personnel), except for lessons. Teacher professional license or
       certificate of waiver.

   3. A copy of the license to establish the school. Permit a principal and permits the manager / license (if any) / copy campus and signed
       the order appointing authority of the University.

   4. Qualification document / Document academic subjects and documentation of experience as a teacher (if any).


3. Government

   1. Certificate of government / state / public / field of study (for public school teachers) by name, location, and duration of

   2. In case of government school teachers expressed Professional Teachers (under the Federation of Teachers and Educational
except for lessons.


4. Foundation or association

   1. Certificate of Incorporation with the objectives of the Foundation Board roster.


5. Taken or made movies from abroad

   1. A letter from the Office of Tourism. Licensed as a liaison with contacts - Jobs and passport number of aliens.

   2. Copy of Certificate of Incorporation and a copy of the list of shareholders (within 6 months).

       2.1 This document is a foreign language. Except English to be translated into Thailand. The authentication.

       2.2 Copies of all documents must be certified as follows.

            - Documentation of the employer the authorized signatory to sign and seal (if any), or attorney.

            - Documentation of the alien, the alien sign. Or attorney

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